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by | 8 Sep 2021

Hi and welcome to RobinMcAlpine.org. This is my attempt to do what I can to contribute more to Scotland by creating a place where you can get solid news and policy analysis, opinions on current affairs, new ideas to think about and resources to help explain important things that are happening.

But it really isn’t about me. My work in Common Weal means I get great access to a lot of information, knowledge and expertise – but I can’t even begin to cover the entire gap in the scrutiny of Scotland’s policy and democracy. That’s why I want to start by asking for your help.

If you have policy expertise or direct experience of public life in Scotland and think that people would benefit from you explaining what you know or revealing what you’ve seen and are willing to write about it, please get in touch.

Or perhaps you’re struggling to get a community initiative off the ground in the face of disinterest from your local authority, or you’ve got a great business idea but without the right connections it can’t go anywhere. Help people to understand why people like you keep losing and why mediocrity and failure keeps winning.

I’m particularly interested in the many ‘closed worlds’ in Scotland’s professions, it’s big business world and its sprawling public policy empires, what goes on in there and why.

Scotland is also filled with people bursting with enthusiasm for our future and who want to contribute, to make a difference. I hope this site can play some small part in strengthening their hand

But you really don’t need to have expertise to contribute. Tell me what you want to see on this site, what you would benefit from having explained. Send me questions you have about Scotland, about policy and strategy. Share your thoughts on what it would help you to be able to share with others. Give me fresh ideas.

You can find out more about what I’m looking for here.

Or of course you could just drop in, have a read, see what you think and come back if you like it. Whatever helps, I’ll do my best to assist in any way I can (but do please note that I am still busy with Common Weal and have only really got a day a week to run this site so help also welcome…).

Whatever suits you, whatever helps you. Scotland is in a terrible mess and it is its powerful ‘ruling class’ which is making the mess, whether deliberately or not. But it is also filled with people bursting with enthusiasm for our future and who want to contribute, to make a difference.

I hope that this site can at least play some small part in strengthening the hand of those who want to make a difference and in holding to account those who are running the show right now.

Either way, do come in and have a look around. This site will always be free to access and will never be behind a paywall. I hope you find something of use here. Indeed, I hope you enjoy it.

So until we see you again, enjoy.


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