There is no workaround for competence

Until the SNP realises it can’t spin its way out of having a substandard first team, it stands little chance of regaining support. And since it keeps making major errors, things will only get worse.

Slush fund government has failed

The habit of creating new dedicated bid funds every time the Scottish Government wants to give the impression it is addressing something has clearly failed. Proper policy-making is what is needed.

Tell me more about ‘Western Values’…

For those of us on the left, the last two years of being lectured about ‘Western Values’ and ‘our rules-based world order’ are feeling particularly hypocritical this week. All we can really say through the horror is that militarism has failed.

C’mon the broken people

Feel like you want to give up? I totally get it. I feel your exhaustion and disillusionment – but you can’t afford to sit down. You have to keep fighting for what’s worth fighting for.

A fable about respect

While the SNP will deny it, there is a very worrying lack of active members stepping forward to do the important work of maintaining a political party. That is not a situation it can afford to endure.

We’re here – for everyone

Common Weal is about to publish an independence strategy paper – but that will never mean we don’t value our supporters who don’t support independence.

Could you help me out please?

I’m about to launch a piece of work I care deeply about and I fear it runs a serious risk of being distorted, undermined or misappropriated. Can you help?

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