Scotland’s humanity can rise above this moment

In the wind up to the Festive Season, we’re all looking for reasons to be cheerful. The initial response we’ve had to a big piece of work we did makes me believe that the seed of that cheer is easy to find. If you want to look for it.

Unity really is possible

It is a universally accepted fact that unity is no longer possible – except it’s wrong. There remains massive common cause for campaigners to draw on.

Six months to save Scotland

The illusion that we can accept Scottish Government failure because a referendum was round the corner must now come to an end – radical change must be forced upon it

Finding hope in hard work

In which, against his better judgement, Robin tells a story about writing the new Common Weal book as a metaphor for how the independence movement can start to get out of the doldrums…

What the powerful really think

You think there is a broad political consensus in Scotland. Unfortunately the people who are actually running the country have their own consensus – and it’s quite different.

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