What is possible and what isn’t

Now that the SNP has decided not to change, people are offering it advice on how to change. Not only is this unrealistic it prevents a more sober assessment of what might actually be possible now.

Two portraits of a fall

There is something particularly callous and cynical about a modern SNP whose staff seem able to pick their own leader. It is hard to see what the SNP has to offer Scotland now.

The SNP is a failed project

It is hard to express how dark my mood is today or how much pain I feel for the future of Scotland and independence. The SNP is unreformed and unreformable, and the rest of us are just onlookers

The SNP must choose Forbes

The SNP is in crisis and independence politics is turning into a mess. We are miles past holding out for our preferred outcomes – we need change immediately, and there is only one option on the table

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