48 Hours later and…

The early hours of the Yousaf era are failing to escape the low expectations people had for them. The picture is grim for independence. The only hope lies in change.

“Fuck it. This’ll do.” Said the SNP.

The SNP has made its choice. That choice was to reject reform, back the party machine and stick two fingers up to the independence movement and the wider public. Does it really think there will be no consequence?

Why did the media miss the mess?

Scotland’s media seems to have been caught unawares by the crisis in the SNP despite plenty information in the public domain. What caused the media to miss it and how do we fix the problem?

Is the SNP in an existential crisis?

It does seem finally to be dawning on people how perilous a position the SNP has got itself into. Whether that peril leads to repair or long-term damage is entirely a question of what happens next.

A member standing up for their party

An SNP member of 50 years is now trying to do anything he can to fight the corruption in his party. He writes about it here. He needs your help – if you’re in the SNP, stand up and be counted.

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