Let’s invest in trust

The consequences of the public losing faith in public institutions are dreadful. It is happening everywhere, and that includes Scotland – so we should make sure that the public has reason to trust its leaders.

The anger in my grief

I have suffered a personal loss and it is raw and painful. All I can find to do is to seek comfort with my friends and seek answers to why this happened and to rededicate myself to changing Scotland.

A way to skip the world war ahead

We stand on the precipice of another global conflict. Why not learn from the last one and just skip it to the bit where we realise we’ve lost the plot and need to do something better?

The Bank of Friends and Family

The Scottish National Investment Bank continues to give loans to businesses with which its own staff and directors have a very clear conflict of interests. Is anyone going to stop this in a Scotland where ‘dodgy’ is now normal?

Scotland and the wellbeing con

Public policy is behaving like wellbeing is ‘this with relaxation pods’. It is no such thing; it is a revolution in how we structure our economy – if we do it right.

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