The Worlds to Come: Part Two

Part of the trick of militarism is to pretend there are simple answers, easy solutions – always involving weapons. It is simply not true. The world is more complicated than that.

The Worlds to Come: Part One

During a time of war the voices of violence prey on people’s fears. We must remember that war is horror and that the war party s never satiated, always want more. We can make other choices.

The only people who can stop this

The combination of constant failures, right-wing economics, endemic corruption and constantly-creeping authoritarianism is making the SNP’s legacy in government a toxic one. Only the party members can stop it.

Learning for Change

Common Weal has launched a new training programme, the first of many. The importance of developing skills for social campaigners should not be underestimated

After Alba

The smart money is on Alba’s short run coming to an end, but the assumptions about what that means for the independence movement are perhaps a little simplistic

Am I missing something?

The hyper-confidence SNP politicians demonstrate when telling us there will be a referendum next year makes me stop and check my assumptions

Bad bureaucracy burns buildings

The razing of the Mackintosh Building at Glasgow School of Art is yet another case study in Scottish public bureaucracy. Its future should be taken out of the hands of the lot of them.

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