Europe is not in a good way…

In Scotland we tend to take an excessively positive position on the European Union. But after spending time with experts from a dozen European countries, there aren’t many others who share our optimism.

This hydrogen deal is another disaster

Once again Scotland is giving away its future potential to foreign owners, meaning Scotland gets almost nothing out of it. When will we learn that you make your assets work for the public good or you fail?

Why we didn’t get all the green jobs

We’re in another round of asking why we haven’t generate the jobs in the green economy various politicians have promised. It is about time we stopped and actually paid attention to the answer.

Is this leadership election normal?

Current SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon says this leadership election is being run like all other elections in the SNP and doesn’t see what the objections are about. Does either claim stand up to scrutiny?

Scotland’s money trees are making us poorer

The Scottish Government is trying to ‘lever in’ private funding to profit from tree planting in Scotland. The direct consequence of this will be something akin to ‘reverse land reform’, pricing another generation off the land.

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