Reset Part Three: Us in an imperfect world

If we move from me to us, from demands to negotiation and from personal to structural, we can reverse the wall-to-wall nastiness of the identity politics era – and focus on the big things our generation must tackle

Can poverty escape the B-list?

The gap between the political rhetoric on how terrible poverty is and the political action on doing anything about it widens constantly. Is there any way Scottish politics can start taking the poor seriously?

The fallacy of 51

The independence movement tends to believe we’ve run an effective messaging campaign in recent years and so gets downhearted about the lack of shift in the polls. Optimism lies in the fact that we really didn’t.

The Shape of 23 Part Two: The Toynbee Cycle

The UK is fundamentally weak and immune to reform, so it doesn’t really matter what happens politically or socially in 2023, the UK will trundle on as is until it is buffeted about by conditions outside of its control.

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