Bad drafting and a devolution reality check

Craig Dalzell explains what happened with the Supreme Court rulings on two pieces of Scottish Parliament legislation is just devolution as it was designed, exposed by terrible legislation-writing

Class war is all over our TV

An interesting piece from Neil Mackay on the way that music has become banal but TV has become furiously angry at the state of the world

The damage Merkel did to Europe

Yanis Varoufakis writes an unflinching analysis of the surprisingly negative impact of Angela Merkel’s reign as Europe’s most influential politician

Lack of strategy is harming Scotland

Kevin McKenna dissects the problem with health, social care and education and finds that announcements without strategic thinking are crucial

Why the rush to nuclear?

George Kerevan offers a succinct explanation of the energy gap in the UK, what is causing, why people are rushing to nuclear and why they shouldn’t

Privatisation failed us

Excellent and concise summary by Lesley Riddoch on why the UK being one of the most privatised countries in the world is causing so many failures

Empty shelves are a long-term problem

Rather than being a sudden result of Covid or Brexit, the supply chain crisis has been building for a long time and this analysis explains how

The extinctions we’re ignoring

A rather depressing analysis of the way we’re causing the extinction of an enormous number of plant species and flooding the world with mono-crops

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