Scotland’s real government…

An excellent piece from Nick Kempe on the insidious role of KPMG (and the other Big Accountancy firms) in the government of Scotland

On Obama’s brass neck

American commentator Kate Aronoff goes into detail about why it takes some nerve for Barak Obama to lecture the world on climate change

Why COP26 is a debacle

Yanis Varoufakis explains in excruciating detail why the show going on in Glasgow is a sad waste of time

COP26’s crooks and chancers

Neil MacKay does not pull any punches here in his assessment of the world’s leaders at COP26 – and nor should he

COP26 – a place for the rich

Lesley Riddoch is damning in her assessment of her experience at COP26 and the way the less powerful have been excluded

A different history of civilisation

A fascinating review of David Graeber’s new/last book which argues that our entire understanding of the progress of history is badly flawed because it ignores so many societies different from our own

Bad drafting and a devolution reality check

Craig Dalzell explains what happened with the Supreme Court rulings on two pieces of Scottish Parliament legislation is just devolution as it was designed, exposed by terrible legislation-writing

Class war is all over our TV

An interesting piece from Neil Mackay on the way that music has become banal but TV has become furiously angry at the state of the world

The damage Merkel did to Europe

Yanis Varoufakis writes an unflinching analysis of the surprisingly negative impact of Angela Merkel’s reign as Europe’s most influential politician

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